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The Royal Hotel
1 Shaftesbury Road
East Yorkshire
YO15 3NP
(01262) 672433

Photo Tours

(15 images)

Bridlington South Beach 26/09/09
(15 images)

Burnby Hall at Pocklington
(13 images)

Burton Agnes
(4 images)

Hotel Tour
(5 images)

Patchwork Courses
(29 images)

Sequence Dancing Holidays
(6 images)

Turkey & Tinsel Twister 2009
(16 images)

(11 images)


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Beryl curves.jpg
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Gail Lawther - Monet.jpg
Jennie_Rayment - Textured Waistcoat.jpg
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Gail Lawther - Van Gogh.jpg
valerie-nesbitt-Triangles the Thangles Way.jpg
Ferret - Bargello Speed Quilt.jpg
valerie-nesbitt Triangles the Thangles Way.jpg
Jan Hassard - Interwoven, Curved Log Cabin.jpg
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valerie nesbitt Crazy Patchwork.jpg
Jennie Rayment - Twitch, Twiddle and Tweak.jpg
Ferret - Rose.jpg
Gail Lawther - Glimpses New Zealand.jpg
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Jan Hassard - Interwoven Curved log Cabin.jpg
Jennie Rayment - Textured Waistcoat.jpg
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valerie-nesbitt Take Nine Fat 1-4s that is.jpg

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